Ace Communication Distributors cc are Distributors for almost anything you would require in setting up a Communications network, be it a Two Way Radio, a Repeater, a Satellite Phone or a Microwave Link. We can supply the lot.

We supply the Hardware, Airtime, Ancillary Equipment as well as spares for all the Products we sell. We also supply all equipment such as duplexers, cabling, filters, antennas and connectors.

The Q-Radio E66U

Reliable and durable, the E66U offers :
-16 Channels
-2w output
-400-470 MHz
-PC programmable
-Channel Scan

And much much more!

Struggling to set up your network?

We offer network setup services to make it easier for you.
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Analogue, Digital, Convetional and GSM Radios
We have a communication solution for every situation.

Digital & Analogue Radio Networks:

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Digital & Analogue Radio Networks: